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Whatsapp Policy

Anand Vendors (we, our, us) respects the privacy of the customers in this privacy we have explained how we collect, use and safeguard the information of our customers. Anand Vendors reserve the right to amend and alter the privacy policy at any time and for any reason, which will come into effect from updating the same on the website. By using our services, you are consenting to this privacy policy.


1.When you register with Anand Vendors or contact us through your WhatsApp service we will use that number to communicate with you regarding our services and your order update etc.


2.When we communicate with you via WhatsApp, we will strictly stick to WhatsApp’s business policy.


3.We will not use your number or profile details for other uses other than what is due for our business purpose.


4.We will store the chat for future reference to tackle any dispute that arises regarding the content of the chat.


5.All your order-related updates will be sent as a WhatsApp message.


6.Anand Vendors will have full rights to block your number at any time when the reasons are valid.


7.Anand Vendors will send Offers, promotions, and new product launch-related communication at any given time.


8.Anand Vendors is not obliged to reply to any customer immediately when they reach us through WhatsApp.


9.Anand Vendors will not take sole responsibility for any data breach that happens which has nothing to do with us.


10.We will do all that is at hand to protect the data of our customers.


11.Anand Vendors will not take responsibility for the inconvenience cost due to the negligence of customers regarding order updates.


12.WhatsaApp will not be the only channel of communication for Anand Vendors so our customers have full authority to block our business or opt out of WhatsApp at any time when they felt inconvenient.


13.Anand Vendors will never sell the data of our customers to any third-party services for promotion.


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